Molecor has exclusively developed a Genuine Air System that it uses to manufacture TOM® pipes and molecularly oriented PVC (PVC-O) ecoFITTOM® accessories. Throughout the entire manufacturing process, this technology uses air instead of boiling water, which is the element used in other production systems to molecularly orient the material. Consequently, this use of air guarantees a high degree of safety for operators, given that it protects them from the burns they could suffer in the event of leaks, and it prevents the formation of potentially slippery surfaces.

This production process is highly energy efficient as the energy used while manufacturing pipes and accessories is applied by specifically distributing the air, which allows resources to be optimised, thereby using the smallest amount of energy possible while achieving maximum performance. This responsible energy consumption and use enables Molecor to make a significant contribution to SDG 7.

This technology only uses electricity to operate, meaning the CO2 emissions to the atmosphere associated with energy consumption are much lower than if energy sources from fossil fuels were used. As such, the company efficiently contributes to the fight against climate change (SDG 13).
Another feature of this technology is its low water consumption during the manufacturing process, which amounts to a significant environmental contribution as it minimises consumption of a scarce, essential resource.

These characteristics allow the manufacturing process' technology to efficiently contribute to SDG 12 as it ensures sustainable consumption and production. These pillars are supported by the implementation of an Integrated Management System in quality and the environment, based on continuous improvement, optimised use of raw materials, use of recycled material and correct waste management.

This technology is also directly linked to SDG 9 as it allows sustainable industrialisation to be promoted, encouraging global innovation since Molecor makes its technology available to the market; technology that enables the manufacture of pipes that have already been used to build thousands of kilometres of sustainable networks to pipe pressured water.

By using air, Molecor's manufacturing system becomes an efficient, sustainable system; a system that guarantees absolute technological safety and reliability to produce more efficient, more sustainable PVC-O pipes and accessories with an improved useful life in the field of pressurised water piping.

Tecnologia Molecor, eficiencia energética y sostenibilidad